Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the parallel worlds i call home...

lucy discovers the secret closet and her creative imagination and child like spirit transports her to a parallel universe of Narnia. her adventures begin there. she meets the lion, the witch, the faun, mr. & mrs. beaver and many more fantastical creatures. everyone whos read and now watched The Chronicles of Narnia knows exactly what im talking about. and for those who havent read it go read it now and then watch the movie and grow up once again.

i discovered my little Narnia a year back and made it a parallel world to my home in karachi. unfortunately there was no secret closet that transported me into this snow clad land. im sure my comparison of the magical world of Narnia to a concrete jungle, Toronto must be making mr.C.S.Lewis toss and turn in his grave. all apologies to you mr. C.S.Lewis, may your soul rest in peace. this is nothing personal. watching the movie revived my childhood memories of the book. structurally, the sleek narrative of your book and my own adventures of being away from home ( the longest i ve ever been ) create a symmetry of events. im an architect sir. so i say its just a design thing. your from the creative world im sure you ll understand. IM NOT DERANGED. ;)

my magic and myth began a week after my landing when school started. it was a cruel winter. i had layers and layers of clothing, i was away from home, commuting was public, i was still trying to adjust to my new role of a wife, a daughter n sister-in-law, and i had no friends that i could call MY OWN. there were no rabbits coming out of a hat. this was one mysterious phase in my life i had to solve on my own with determination and resolve. im not goin to say F was not my most trusting, dependable faun. if it was nt for him i would nt have survived it. but my emotions which weer unexplainable and unrecognizable to myself had to be taken care of by myself alone.

however that phase is now long over. in it i met the white witch (winter), the lion (spring, summer and the flaming autumn), the fox, a couple of mr. & mrs. beavers some closer than others, and made some friends that i can call my own (S & A). now im ready to make a trip back home. ironically, home now is in two places. home is where F is and home is where i ve grown up, my family, my friends and pf course karachi my city. dual living with equal love and care. mashallah. so karachi here i come...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

a natural high....

the thing about taking a break is that you dont feel it till you actually get out of the city, out of your everyday shoes, out of meeting the same people, out of the mundane cartwheeling that life tricks you into (as hard as you may try to avoid it). distance and solitude become an absolute necessity. the need to be on your own, have your own space, spend quality time with eachother, enjoy silence, bask in nothingness is what you need after drudging through an unending cycle of life. you need an express check out of routine...!!

f & i do that a lot to keep ourselves sane. lunacy is easily attainable if sanity is nt kept in check from time to time. that is for the mental state. now for
the physical state. fatigue creeps up uninvited and tires you out slowly but surely. last but not the least is the state of being itself. keeping the soul and the spirit intact is by far the most difficult and most important. i sound like a talk show. but the fact of the matter is that keeping the spirit alive is like living life to the fullest. the soul like the mindd and the body needs nurturing at all times. it needs to know it is cared for and not abandoned.

yes, im rejuvenated, and breathing, alive and kicking. i feel a weight lifted off my shoulder. i feel light, emotinally and physically (even though i ve put on around the waist). f feels the same. we have been on a natural high.we are both very spontaneous beings which is what i love about him the most. and therefore, a quiet weekend away from home has done us well. we eloped daringly in the middle of the day last weekend. we were discreet about it. our bodies had been sending out an sos to our brains which was becoming impossible to ignore. it was a weekend best left unexplained. words can turn beautiful moments into memories. we are still enjoying it and before it becomes a memory we will revive it again!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005 to 2006

walking away from a blurry 2005......

......running to catch 2006

and hoping for a clearer, fresher and full of discoveries new year....!!!

happy new year to everyone....!!!