Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i found "a beautiful revolution"...

....and i had to share

Reading this message (which has now found a permanent place on my blog to your right)i realized how easy it is to get wrapped up in things, material things, labels, achieving, struggling to achieve, goals we set for ourselves, the race we put ourselves up to, one after another and yet another. And in this struggle to climb higher, to win, to battle, to prove, we keep getting sucked in deeper and deeper in this abyss, this well that we dig for ourselves. And we get devoured. And we forget.

We forget what it means to just be ourselves. To truly be ourselves and not what other want us to be or how we want others to perceive us as. We forget to look within, to find inspiration in the simple, to find inspiration in ourselves, to have the strength to face our fears. We forget to have the strength to speak our own words, our own language, to speak words that are truly our own.

Here’s to being ourselves no matter who we are. Here’s to recognizing others for what they are no matter who they are. Here’s to writing words of honesty, and here’s to a beautiful revolution!

Note: im a little peeved out about something and at someone today but since i promised myself to stay positive i thought ill vent positively as well. Here's to staying positive !!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spanish holiday

the city view from the palace; generalife

Briefly blogging about my Spanish holiday the other day forced me to go through some of the photographs of our memorable vacation. I thought I will share some of the adventures with my readers and begin right from the end: Alhambra, Granada; the perfect culmination to a Spanish retreat; the epitomy of islamic architecture, romantic, surreal, spiritual and poetic. I’m also sharing some of the pictures that survived the ill-fate of our Nikon experiment, that don’t do justice to the surreal beauty of the palace.
column detail,ornamental relief, interior
I will not say much as words are not enough. I will let you bask in the reverie of the palace, let imagination take flight, let your thoughts travel back in time, walk through the cool and windy courtyards, delicate and slender columns and arches, enchanting gardens and let you reflect in the glittering pools that are embedded in my memories forever.
“We seem lifted up into a purer atmosphere; there is serenity of soul, a buoyancy of spirits, an elasticity of frame that render mere existence enjoyment..” excerpt from one of the most well written books on the Alhambra that we picked up from their bookshop, Tales of the Alhambra, W. Irving, that you can read here.

courts of lion
And i know i said i won’t say much but i couldn’t resist sharing this from the above mentioned book, “The peculiar charm of this old dreamy palace is its power if calling up vague reveries and picturing of the past, and thus clothing naked realities with illusions of the memory and the imagination. As i delight to walk in these vain shadows, I’m prone to seek those parts of the Alhambra which are most favorable to this phantasmagoria of the mind, and nine are more so that the court of Lions and its surrounding halls. Here the hands of time has fallen the lightest and the trances of Moorish elegance and splendor exist in almost their original brilliance.”

arch detail
More to come on the rest of the cities we traveled to. till then i hope you enjoyed this. a lot many times i had heard people tell me that you have lived if you have visited the Alhambra. i understood exactly why after this.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog crushed, 15 randoms and happy weekending

Moments of perfect clarity just made my weekend by picking me, an urbaniche as her blog crush. In the blogosphere, i consider that to be pretty big!!

So i thought i ll indulge in the self and write some 15 random things that make me, me. Of course a more poetic version of myself lives here
  1. I have short finger nails that I’ve never grown or painted
  2. I have small hands and consequently a fascination for oversized rings
  3. I have never had my eyebrows shaped. Ever!
  4. I have never changed the color of my hair or dyed them except for once in my life of 30 years when I streaked them red. Now their are signs of salt n pepper, which i intend on keeping.
  5. I have curly hair that i love but don’t know how to manage.
  6. I have had a life time crush on Bono and Johnny Depp.
  7. Some of the famous dead people I would love to meet and share some ponderous moments with (maybe even intimate) Anais Nin, Frida, Jim Morrison, Picasso, Audrey Hepburn, Sadequain
  8. If i was born in the sixties i know i would’ve been a hippy
  9. I like to try everything and anything at least once in my life.
  10. My most memorable character has been Heathcliffe from Wuthering heights. I love his deep, dark, self destructive, almost sinister passion and uncanny strength. He’s a lifetime crush as well
  11. I worked at a school for special children, KVTC, for one whole year. That has been a life altering experience for me.
  12. I am a black and white kinda girl. There are no in betweens for me.
  13. I cannot do without my people and surprisingly they are all ARIES. Aries keeps me going. (theres a post coming up just for them)
  14. My retirement plan is to open a flower shop but for now im happy here
  15. Old things, old buildings, rusted cars, old cities, dead cities, all things old, fascinate me.

Thank you for dropping by. Lurkers, delurk!
Oh and just cause i had so much fun doing this, i tag the blogosphere to share some 15 randoms about yourself and dont forget to tag me or let me know in the comments so i can come read. Happy weekending!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

silent contemplation

I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.

anais nin

need i say more...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Project 365 @ one week

Today i have successfully and a little painstakingly, (due to little N's injury) completed my first week of Project 365. and here it is in a nutshell.

We bought our Nikon D40 in December 2008 for a Spanish holiday that we were off to. Bad idea! Never buy a new camera that too a DSLR that you’ve never used, right before a 2 week long vacation. Bad,bad,bad!

That is not to say we didn’t take pictures. Oh we took pictures. We took over a 1000 pictures that have not been sorted out to this day. But unfortunately only a handful turned out fairly decent. The rest make for a blurry stack of memories resting somewhere in F’s external hard drive.

Upon our return from a blurry and nauseous vacation we found out I was pregnant with little N, thus the nausea. Our silent disappointment at viewing what we were expecting to be a great work of art, (after all it was a a Nikon D40) we both made a silent resolution to never forget our point and shoot ever and to better acquaint ourselves to the Nikon. This of course was in preparation of little N’s arrival. The following 9 months, instead of reading baby books for parents F religiously read the manual so he could take better pictures and by the time N arrived he was officially the self-appointed photographer of the family.

Then mat leave happened, F got busy at work and we lost our family photographer to the corporatee world. It was time for me to take charge. And i finally picked up the camera and it was magic. And since then it has been impossible to put it down. Of course, all of last year has been about little N., Catching his every move, his expressions and all his firsts. This was reinforced by my free lance work with Art Strollers, as their PR consultant and event photographer, during my mat leave where I was surrounded with babies at all times.

But now finally after a year of trial and error, lessons from friends, short workshops and reading the manual thanks to Chez i can say the journey has begun. Project 365 is a great project for any self taught, self starter. It is a great exercise in practice makes perfect and forces you to read the manual, experiment with the camera every day, come up with creative shots and not to mention, creates a sense of commitment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past one week and heres to hoping the remaining 359 days are just as nicheilious!