Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09.09.09: Writing is the new praying

picture taken at the Artisan show at the Distillery
Hey Apathy! comics and art by Mike Parsons

Bumping into moments of perfect clarity has been the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in days. Her inspiring blog, her creativity and love for her Nikons are extremely addictive and have revived the dying blogger in me. On this auspicious date i have taken up her challenge of “writing is the new praying and decided

• I will look at the glass half full not half empty

• I will be more positive each day and not let myself sink even if it means to fight the inner demons. I WILL put up a fight! (Someone mentioned delayed postpartum. A year too late. I will not allow that)

• I will blog regularly. Writing i have come to realize helps me fight my anxieties and fears

• I will experiment with my Nikon and challenge myself further each day

• I will find beauty in the ordinary

• I will make the most of the remaining summer days

• I will get back to my sketching

• I will enjoy the very few moments of silence I get and take the time out to put my feet up and just breathe (when little N naps)

• I will watch the sunset and the birds take flight more often

• I will delete and i mean completely delete the unnecessary people in my life. People who mean nothing and never will. People who try to play with your head and shake you up. People who think they can say anything about your life, your mothering skills etc and think they can get away with it. I don’t have time for them and i will not make time for them. Deletion will be my way of confrontation

• I will make it a point to see and cherish what i have.

• I will be positively restless

• I will be optimistic even if im the Last Optimist on earth

I have written my something special. Special because I see these as vows to the self.

“so on this day, why not write something really special? who knows, it just might manifest in the world around you. it's certainly worth a try.”
-moments of perfect clarity


julochka said...

that is an excellent list and you're braver than i am. i did mine on my totally private, just for myself blog, and in my art journal. but i think it's a powerful thing. and a powerful date. i can feel an underlying fizz to things. this list will happen.


Christina said...

I am in love with that woman! Julochka, makes me smile and want for a red fridge.
She sits right near my heart, along with my converse tennis shoes.

So nice to visit you. I was visiting /J and made my way over.
I love it here. And the list, oh yeah, I love the power of deleting.
: )

urbaNiche said...

J(i hope u dont mind me calling u that), this list was so necessary. it makes me feel lighter just saying these out aloud.

Christina, thank you for dropping by. i just visited your beautiful sure to see me again :) and i know what you mean about J's Jness.

im glad you like it here. im aiming to make your visit even more fun and enjoyable as we go along.
and yes there is a power in deleting, like uncluttering life!
tried and tested :)

kristina said...

that is a beautiful list, and I hope you achieve what you want!

spudballoo said...

This is a perfect list, I love it. I am SO with you on the 'deletion' thing...I must write a list too. I feel so glum at the moment, I need to pick out what it is. A list always helps!

I just saw your letter on my blog. I sympathise...I did 10 months of no sleep with both my boys and it nearly drove me INSANE. You just can't function normally with 5,6,7,8,9 plus get ups a night and so little consecutive hours of sleep. It's the pits. x

huma said...

great list urbanNiche!
great blog too!
love the part on deleting the unnecessary!

jammie said...

i can see someones back with a bang- so happy!! love the list love this whole cleansing phase you are going through- its super inspiring. :) Am going to do this too- i love the line- writing is th new praying love love love it