Friday, September 11, 2009

Red punctuation

When life throws a punctuation at you

And nature follows suit.

Don’t just drive by.

Break the rules, turn around and catch it before its too late...
before the light is gone...

and you are left with nothingness.

a sunset caught just in time.
may we all catch our sunsets in time. have a happy, sunny weekend!


jammie said...

loving the red against the blue :)

julochka said...

you are most definitely rocking the color with your nikon! :-)

i saw your comment on kristina's blog post about percentages and you can definitely come to blog camp. we just have to figure out when/where the next one is. :-)

urbaNiche said...

thank you jam!
J, im practicing and actually chez spuds CCC blogs are really helping!
i have started carrying my camera with me wherever i go..and so totally enjoying it.

and you ladies should plan one close to north America cause i would love to join in!