Thursday, September 17, 2009

Therapeutic defiance

When i was expecting little N, people would come to our place and tell us how we will never be able to maintain the aesthetics of our house once we had a baby. But we had little N and yes it was challenging, we had to make adjustments and teach him how to adjust with our lifestyle. There were and are moments of frustrations. But all in all i think we have both made adjustments along with some sacrifices and i think it’s safe to say that we have reached a congenial understanding of each other. He knows and understands his limits and boundaries (at least we think he does) and we respect his space and let him grow.

This post however is not a confessional out pour of a design mom. It is however about a small challenge i put myself up to, who knows to even spite the above mentioned, self appointed advisory committee. I just recently sent some not so nice pictures of my space to one of my favorite websites, Apartment Therapy and much to my surprise got published. The exciting part was that we got featured but i have to say regretfully that I wish I had sent some more fun pictures and ones that were better photographed. It also felt good to be featured cause little N is an integral part of this house and it kind of felt like an achievement and a kick to all the negativity that people fill you with when you are expecting a baby.

So here we are in our home exactly at 1.5 of Nyleness and still living our lives the way we imagined it to be or even better than we expected. Since expectations were scarred, i took it up as a challenge to prove people wrong. Having a baby is not a life ending experience. It maybe a life altering experience but one that teaches you to grow and learn as you go. True, life is not as we knew it to be when it was just 2. But the number 3 seems to be working out just fine. And our home is organically growing with us, one layer after another. Hope you enjoy our nichelious abode.


Christina said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful and warm home. Oh my, the books, the glorious books. And the antiques, how welcoming. I would be honored, to be a guest in your home one day, my friend. We would laugh until we cried.
PS: you got style! : )

MissBuckle said...

How fun to get published.

Beautiful house, and you kan tell those nay-sayers to come to Scandinavia for a visit to se tthat the combo kids+style rocks.

jammie said...

haha i am reminded of our conversation at espresso about teaching our kids not to wander into our space by placing their stuff next to ours. At 2.5 years (nearly), i can vouch it worked!

julochka said...

that is fantastic! i love apartment therapy too. my kitchen was featured there and i remember bouncing off the walls with joy for at least a week!

now i'm off to check out your space!!

urbaNiche said...

Christina i would love to laugh and talk and laugh more till we cried...drop by soon

MB: thank you
jam: ya the secret recipe worked totally
J: i just saw your kitchen and loved it. and i know what you mean...i was bouncing of the walls myself..hope you enjoy the visit