Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fractured and casted

Bokeh maybe

After a great week of small accomplishments, a crazy haircut and a weekend full of celebrations, fun and laughter, we entered this week with a fracture and a cast. Little N, injured his leg while playing ball (soccer player in the making as F likes to say), followed by half the night at the urgent care and all of today at the emergency. And finally after a series of heart wrenching cries and streams of tears, belted x-rays, darkrooms and huge machines later, my brave little N ended up with a cast.

Surprisingly, what gave us courage was this little injured creature himself who managed to throw a smile in our direction, almost as if consoling these panic stricken adults, his parents.

There is something so very fascinating about children. They, unlike us adults forget and move on. They are free from holding grudges. They are fearless and strong. They are free spirited and full of life. It is no wonder they heal faster than us adults (that’s my theory at least).

Here is wishing my little N a speedy recovery and stronger legs and a lot many soccer games to his heart’s content.

a Nikon D300 experiment

On a different note some o f the stuff to look forward to this week:


MissBuckle said...

Get well soon little man.

We had a similar incident about a month ago, but managed to get out of it without the cast.

He still limped aroud for a week though.

Christina said...

I send little N., many prayers and light. A fast recovery. Oh, he is like my boy, giving me strength at these times.
Blessings, for you and your family. Please try and get some rest. You will need it. : )

urbaNiche said...

thank you MB and Christina. keep the good wishes and prayers coming!

kanwal said...

awww......lots of prayers his way....make the cast into an art piece and save it to show him later!

julochka said...

love, love, love these pictures, even tho' it's a cast, you got a beautiful shot of it...and those little teeny chucks are so precious...do tell about the D300 (sorry, i'm clearly focusing on all the wrong things...) poor sweet pea, i hope he'll be fine!!!

CatLadyLarew said...

Ouch! That first big injury is always the hardest as a parent. Hope the little N is feeling better soon!