Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer freshness

Last evening I spent doing what I love doing the most: Cooking, feeding and entertaining. I love cooking. I find it to be very therapeutic and relaxing. And I cook in big quantities. So there’s always a lot of food and only two stomachs to feed. This takes me to my second passion feeding and entertaining. I love having people over, cooking a big meal and making sure all my guests have eaten to their stomachs content.

Yes, I am one of those annoying hostesses who will not eat when every ones eating. I will hover making sure their plate is always full. I will float in and out of the kitchen refilling and reheating. I will not let anyone into my kitchen to help before the meal is served. I will set the table myself, because it’s already pre-set in my head. I will expect help in cleaning up. I will serve dessert even if it’s not home made. I will serve tea with cinnamons and cardamoms because I love the smell it produces (I’ve never had tea myself). I will laugh and talk profusely because I love to see my guests smiling. And I will expect them to shower me with compliments. And this round of applaud will surely win them their next invitation.

So last night was a night of politics, world and the future. It was when little N kept everyone revitalized on a weeknight. It was a night of laughter and memories, prayers and togetherness. A night of open windows and soft winds. A night of celebrating sunny days and long summer nights. A night of summer freshness with the smell of fall around the corner.

Hope everyone had a good night

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