Monday, August 31, 2009

object of my affection

In the Architects and designers section of Architectural Digest I came across this very inspiring piece discussing “what is one accessory, piece of furniture or design element in your home you cannot live without?”

It got me thinking of the object of my affection in my home, that one piece that is so very dear to me. The accessory that I cannot live without, the one design element that makes my home very close to home (my homeland). And it brought me to this group of sepia prints that hold sentimental value for me.

The three images, from left to right anti-clockwise are of three different cities of Pakistan, Peshawar (Qissa Kahani Bazaar, transl: story-telling bazaar), Karachi (Tollington Market) and Lahore (Badshahi Mosque) photographed towards the end of the nineteenth century. The fourth piece is a post card in the most beautiful Arabic calligraphy of the Ayat-ul-Kursi (verses from the Quran).

One would question why these particular pieces. Well for one, the three photographs were originally part of a calendar that someone had heartlessly thrown in the garbage at my architecture school back home. Now I’m no garbage digger, but as I saw the grandeur and serenity of the Badshahi Mosque magically captured by an unnamed photographer through his camera lens and stored forever in this image, I could not help myself. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 7 years ago when I had pulled it out of the trash I had no idea what I would do with these images or how I would use them. But here they are 7 years later framed and cherished. The objects of my affection, a constant reminder of home, seamlessly bridging the gap of nostalgia, shedding light on childhood memories. My companions during the day and inspiration at night fall.

As for the postcard, it is part of my father’s wide range of postcard collection, that I unquestionably inherited (my siblings dare not put up a fight). Seeing these pieces everyday make me positively reminiscent and make my house a home.

I hope you enjoyed my object of affection. What is yours? Please do share


julochka said...

i love this notion of objects of affection, i may have to write one today myself. :-) hmmm, how to avoid it being my camera....

Shezalldat said...

love it! ur happy room looks yum!

i have TONS to catchup on my blog.. thanks for tagging, ill do this and the last one together.

urbaNiche said...

it was a fun exercise ladies. a bit tricky to pin down the one thing that really tickles your fancy and you cannot absolutely do without in your home.

look forward to reading your pieces. enjoy!

jammie said...

ok im stuck ive walked around my place several times and i cant finalize :) one more round...

julochka said...

i did write one, but think i may make it a weekly exercise. there are lots of objects that i am very affectionate towards. :-)

julochka said...

i know i keep commenting here, but you have one of those no-reply blogger addresses, so i can't answer you there! :-)

i use a Nikon D60 and a nikon D300. i think most of the pix on my "object of my affection" post were done with the D60 and a 18-200mm nikkor AF-S lens. it's really my standard, use-for-everything fave lens, tho' i have a 60mm Nikkor macro lens of which i am inordinately fond. next on the acquisition list is a 50mm 1:4. i love nikon. :-)

urbaNiche said... sure you will find something and write when it inspires you ;)

J, thanks a bunch for your guidance. i have not yet invested in a lens. i thought i will master the art of seeing and capturing through the existing lens before i leap. but i think im ready and the time has come.

i like your idea of making objects of my affection a weekly/biweekly thing.