Friday, August 28, 2009

a changed perspective

There is something in the warmth of the morning light peeping through the curtains, the sparkle in the eye at the break of a smile, the beauty of a wrinkle around the eyes, the age of a brick through its color, the smell of coffee through the steam it produces, the rusting bench sitting at the corner of the street.

I’m seeing all this and so much more since i befriended a Nikon D40. A new journey has begun. A journey of unraveling the simple joys of life, capturing moments, faces, emotions, spaces, cities. Learning and seeing. Clicking and observing and clicking some more.

I wish to master this art some day. I wish to speak through my lens. I wish to communicate all that i cannot through words. I wish to share the world through my eyes, as I see it. I wish, I wish, I wish...the wishlist is endless. But till then here(pictures in this blog) are some wishes that I’ve captured. I hope you enjoy them!

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