Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this Girl

This girl is deep orange-red and blue seas. She is crashing waves and the smell of rain. She is green leaves, earth and wood. She is lightness and laughter and all things so.

She is autumn not winter. She is daisies not roses.

She is streetcars and subways. She is breakfast and Sundays.

She is patios on a sunny afternoon and jazz with the girls at night. She is dancing not yoga. She is friends and joy.

She is antique markets and beauty that catches her eye. She is stones and silver not diamonds and gold. She is breathing and alive not dead and cold.

This girl is winding roads and spider webs. She is silence and screams, contradictions and dreams.

She is lost and yet found. She is surrounded and yet alone.

She is urban and chic. She is brick lanes and coffee beans.

She is oil paints not watercolour. She is camera lens and detail lover.

She is cooking not baking. She is entertaining and swimming.

She is textures and maps. Doesn’t forgive and forgets.

She is books and bookshelves. She is Wizard of OZ and Alice in wonderland. She is Nin and Frida, she is Hepburn and Amelie.

She is moments and memories. She is nostalgic and naive. She is impulsive and creative. She is chaotic and wild.

She is making mistakes. She is trial and error. She is a mother and married to her high school lover.

She is trekking through the self, she is discovering on the way. She is black and white with no shades of grey. She is living and learning, clicking and noticing, she is fashion and design, she is architecture and all things fine. She’s searching for balance and looking to pause. She is happy she found sweet indigo life. She feels inspired and revived. This girl is everything me!!

Who are you?


jammie said...

LOVE LOVE it! also the pic.
okkk am excited- need to do this now :)

urbaNiche said...

hahah i knew you will jam...its actually very liberating. almost like a celebration of the self.
look fwd to reading your piece

Gillian said...

Nice to meet you! Thank you for the formal introduction to "this girl"! Isn't this a fun exercise? I loved doing mine. It's almost time to do another. :)

Seasonally would be best I think, you could track your changes/"who you are"
rather effectively that way. :)
Do visit again! xoxo

Kanwal said...

Since morning I have been formulating my ~this girl~ in my mind.....hopefully should be ab;le to get down to it soon....looking for more upcoming fun stuff!

julochka said...

i love your "this girl" post. isn't it a freeing thing to write? i loved it. there's something about writing in the 3rd person. :-)

thanks for stopping by my blog, as you well know, i'm also a nikon girl :-) nikon rocks the color.

i have no objection at all to your suggested "object of my affection." :-)


spudballoo said...

Fantastic! What a great first post read for me - I adore it, well said.

Thanks for stopping by Chez Spud and saying hello. Glad to have found you!