Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lesson 1: picture of the day

Project 365: 09.16.09

So i have officially enrolled myself in chez spuds fabulous camera club starting with her first lesson and the toughest of all i would think: READ THE MANUAL!
this followed by the grand opening of my Flickr account and of course one photo everyday. Practice, practice and more practice.

My photo each day will be posted on flickr, under Project 365. I will be committed and i will get through the next 365 days with one picture everyday. There i said it and now i WILL make it work!!

Wish me luck and join me on this journey. The more the merrier!


iasa said...

Yay for you. I was gonna do a 365 project as well, but i know i can't commit to it, so i'll enjoy yours instead

Sakhmeth said...

I came to your blog for the "everything me" post...and ended up on your flickr page...only to realize that you covered the distillery (my favorite place in toronto) and the buskerfest (of which i am an organizer). You have no idea how happy your pictures made me...glad somebody out there spent their evening taking pictures of the performers the way i've always wanted to (but haven't been able to, given the madness of planning a festival).

Keep on seeing toronto through a tourist's eyes! Its the best kind of eyes. :)

spudballoo said...

How exciting!!! I'm so looking foward to this. I'm a bit, ahem, tired of my 365 at the moment. i need inspiration to enthuse me again, I'm sure I'll get it here...xx

urbaNiche said...

iasa, i hope this turns out worthwhile :P

sk thank for dropping by

chez, you cannot say are just not really excited about this and hoping it works out!:)

Christina said...

oooh, this sounds like what i need, oh, i don't know, but i know i could learn so many good things, from others.
: )

Minerva said...

I totally want to be a photographer (among other things).. have been swooning over the D90 since forever.

All the best with yr journey and keep clicking!

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