Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog crushed, 15 randoms and happy weekending

Moments of perfect clarity just made my weekend by picking me, an urbaniche as her blog crush. In the blogosphere, i consider that to be pretty big!!

So i thought i ll indulge in the self and write some 15 random things that make me, me. Of course a more poetic version of myself lives here
  1. I have short finger nails that I’ve never grown or painted
  2. I have small hands and consequently a fascination for oversized rings
  3. I have never had my eyebrows shaped. Ever!
  4. I have never changed the color of my hair or dyed them except for once in my life of 30 years when I streaked them red. Now their are signs of salt n pepper, which i intend on keeping.
  5. I have curly hair that i love but don’t know how to manage.
  6. I have had a life time crush on Bono and Johnny Depp.
  7. Some of the famous dead people I would love to meet and share some ponderous moments with (maybe even intimate) Anais Nin, Frida, Jim Morrison, Picasso, Audrey Hepburn, Sadequain
  8. If i was born in the sixties i know i would’ve been a hippy
  9. I like to try everything and anything at least once in my life.
  10. My most memorable character has been Heathcliffe from Wuthering heights. I love his deep, dark, self destructive, almost sinister passion and uncanny strength. He’s a lifetime crush as well
  11. I worked at a school for special children, KVTC, for one whole year. That has been a life altering experience for me.
  12. I am a black and white kinda girl. There are no in betweens for me.
  13. I cannot do without my people and surprisingly they are all ARIES. Aries keeps me going. (theres a post coming up just for them)
  14. My retirement plan is to open a flower shop but for now im happy here
  15. Old things, old buildings, rusted cars, old cities, dead cities, all things old, fascinate me.

Thank you for dropping by. Lurkers, delurk!
Oh and just cause i had so much fun doing this, i tag the blogosphere to share some 15 randoms about yourself and dont forget to tag me or let me know in the comments so i can come read. Happy weekending!


julochka said...

after my 30 secrets in july, i fear i don't have anything random left...but i just might give it a whirl. :-)

and i love big rings too! and i'm Aries, so i'm looking forward to the coming Aries post.


CatLadyLarew said...

Julochka sent me over and I'm glad she did. Look forward to reading more! Now I have to go think up 15 randoms!

Meghan said...

I am the same way with 1,2, and 3. Fantastic list!

urbaNiche said...

Aries eh J? no wonder the connection ;)you will be included in the aries post for sure

Cat im glad you liked your visit here im just going over to visit you..see you soon

M:hahah noway...! i love lists and im glad you enjoyed this bout you make one too!

naushin said...

i'm your people and i'm a pisces. hmph.

Gillian said...

If you haven't already..but you likely have! join Desi female photographers over at flickr...

I wanted to say
your random list is lovely anddddd

1. I can help you with number three!
2. I love Aries too! I'm marrying one.

Hope you enjoyed Nuit Blanche, one of Toronto's greatest evenings...:)

jammie said...

i wonder if you know im an aries too :) loving you on blogs looks liek you found your mojo sb :)