Tuesday, December 06, 2005

familiarity in the unfamiliar

Do u wake up on your own
and wonder where you are?
(goo goo dolls-slide)

i wake up every morning in search of some sort of familiarity, a smell, a sound, a voice, a touch.the early morning chaos, the mali watering the garden, the massi fighting with the driver, abu cranky with few hours of sleep and ami craving for her morning cup of tea.
and now i wake up and i wonder where i am. i wake up to see someone by my side. i wake up to his smell, to our smell, to his touch, and sometimes often enough to his snores too...i panic...i dont recognize this, i dont remember when it happened, am i dreaming...where am i? and then i see him. in his peaceful slumber...i envy him... i look around me, i find my books on my side table, i see the blue ceramic plate tanya gave me on my birthday 3 yrs ago and then my eye falls on a photograph taken on the day when my world felt complete....my heart stops punding...i can now look at this man lying next to me and smile.... im finding a familiarity in the unfamiliar....im finding myself, im finding my way around....it s a slow process but im getting there...im finding my niche!!

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