Thursday, October 01, 2009

happy falling

Summer has been trying to say farewell for a while now and i think it finally has. signs of change were visible in our morning walk today.

All the senses seemed awakened by the rustling of the leaves under the feet, the mellowed sun, the chill in the wind, an uncanny calmness and a general slowing down could be felt in the atmosphere. And much to my surprise, i liked the sight of the world slowing down around me, as if taking a break, allowing the change to seep in, bowing down to the call of nature. Fall is undoubtedly, my favorite

because with fall comes:
  • the right amount of cool temperature: tolerable and kind
  • a burst of color: orange, rust, red
  • my lovely tan shoes
  • hot chocolates and more coffee
  • shorter days and longer nights
  • season of mist and mellow fruitfulness
  • visits to museums: a spectular photography exhibition at the ROM, Vanity Fair Portraits, photographs since 1913-2008, to be attended
  • a free all night contemporary art thing
  • photography in a different
  • addition of the number one to my thirty
  • scrabble nights with friends
  • pink: the national breast cancer awareness month if October
  • small: because October is all about small is the new big (more on that later)
  • and a whole lot of loving, laughter and living with the ones we care for
everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. if we are frantic life will be frantic, if we are peaceful, life will be peaceful.
-Marianne Williamson

hapy October and happy fall!


MissBuckle said...

Happy October to you too!

huma said...

great shot!

Char said...

beautiful shots and thoughts

Sheza said...

i loooove fall too. its my fave time of the year. the colours, the crispness, the warmth of the indoors... *sigh*. dining and hanging out indoors etc.

Christina said...

fall brings the sweetest slowing of life. And the pink, is such a beautiful reminder.

urbaNiche said...

happy October and a colorful fall to every one

Shezalldat said...

sara, im going to be shooting tons of fall pics this weekend iA. but i suck at photoshop! :( i was wondering if you could share if and what enhancements you've done on these pics. thnx love