Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nyle 1.0

This weekend i attended a friend's daughter's first birthday and the parents' frenzy and excitement reminded me of little N's first which was July 14th.

I remember how i drove myself crazy making sure each and every detail was taken care of; the invites, the favors, the theme, the colors, the cake, the food and the decor. It was like being back in school working on my thesis, staying up late nights, making lists, listening to Dave Mathews, drinking coke and coffee. Planning, planning and lots of planning.

Family supported me, friends thought i was being ridiculous but stood by. You see, i didn't really leave them with much of a choice.

The result; well why don't you see for yourself. Here goes,

postcard invite designed by a dear friend who lives at
love,paper & ink.
these were hand written and mailed out to all our friends

behind the scenes: the night before
food prepared by my best friend
who flew all the way from DC just for this

sunshine, fresh flowers and shades of turquoise and lime
cutlery and napkin holders hand made out of paint color cards from Home Depot

the candy bar on our lovely patio

colorful candies from bulk barn

god is in the details

did i mention the theme was "robots and monkeys"....

.....thus the cake and the cupcakes by a dear friend : yes she is multi-talented!

the personalized favors with each child's name stamped on them...

from Nyles personal thank you stickers collection

and a slightly confused turquoise Nyle at 1.0

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as i enjoyed sharing them.

Sharing these memories also made me realize that i am blessed with a great bunch of friends, my best friend whos always been there for me, my family here and back home and of course above all F whos been remarkably patient through my "everything has to be perfect" syndrome.

ok now before this post turns into an Oscar award speech i must take leave with just one thought
"it is better to appreciate what you have rather then focus on what yo dont, to count your blessings, and feel happy for others, rather then waste time and energy doing just the opposite"
-urbaniche's lame attempt at creating a quote

signing out right about now....


Angela said...

What a gorgeous birthday party! I loved the decorations, design, food, party bags and everything that went into this! Amazing... incidentally I also attended a 1st birthday party on the weekend. It was FAR from perfect haha.. bordering on disaster due to strong, hot winds and dust! But the main thing is the birthday boy was happy =)


Red Boots said...

Wow, you did a great job - it all looks so cute! Have you ever considered being a children's party planner?! Seriously. xx

Abby said...

that looks like the cutest birthday party ever! your perfection-ism definitely shined through- in an amazing way. everything look perfect. hope you had fun!

Char said...

cute!!! love that robot cake

I know they were thrilled with the party

likeschocolate said...

Fantastic party! I think the first birthday is the most special because not only are you celebrating that the child made it to 1, but so did the parents.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful birthday party. The first birthday I think is more for the parents. The child has absolutely no clue as to what's going on lol.
Anway, all your hard work did pay off because the decor, the flowers, the patio, the cake...everything looks absolutely fantastic! Can I ask where you got blue lantern decorations from? They are super gorgeous!

urbaNiche said...

thank you all for the wonderful comments.
the party was a blast with the perfect july winds.

Red boots i DO plan birthdays and a lot more. you can find me at www.sarabaigdesigns.com

Sheza said...

aaw u inspire me!! i want to do a blog post on hana's aqeeqa party now!! i still ahvent done a post on the object of my affection. u should do an Object of my affection v1.2 now:P