Monday, October 05, 2009

state of mind

Thompson Landry gallery: my latest gallery crush
center painting reflection on glass window

thoughts racing,
brain finding it hard to keep up
nights happily sleepless
eyes closed but mind awake
thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts permeating the thin membrane of the mind
floating thoughts,
blurry thoughts,
moving thoughts,
racing thoughts.

black and white pages,
pen and ink
thoughts being inked,
thoughts being listed
ideas, images,

what could this be..
a moment of inspiration
a spark of light,
a burst of creativity...


Char said...

I'm always up for a spark - hope yours works out for you.

Gillian said...

Wow, neat shot. And very nice poem too! It is so energizing to have bursts of creativity like that! I just went through that recently when I decorated a room that was sitting empty for the last four months...I am so happy with it! I call it "sparse European artistic chic, with a *kiss* of Morocco!"

I will be sure to write you back I did get your note, thank you!! (I use my laptop at home, all my email etc is at work :)

Ju said...

Hope you got that inspiration materialized. Sometimes it comes and goes so quickly; you blink, you miss.
Thanks for stopping by.:)

jammie said...

notebooks aaah!!! i have a large red box filled with notebook love. little ones and gorgeous ones ive picked up over the yrs that i bring out to use when the design clicks. :)

urbaNiche said...

char & Ju: i think i caught the will show itself in a months time though!

G: i look forward to hearing from you

J:i can relate to your notebook love affair mine is however limited to hard covered black ones ;)
black notebooks and black sketch books in all sizes

julochka said...

i am very familiar with this state of mind...does it stop once things get started?