Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when the girls get together....

there will be journeys of the hearts: image kelly rae

there will be Coco Avante Chanel,
there will be drinks and gelatos with warm chocolate syrups.
there will be talk of world and religion,
there will be talk of love and marriage.
there will be talk of inner conflicts and sorting thoughts
there will be talk of birthing miracles and raising kids,
there will be talk of fashion and shoes
there will be dreams shared and uncontrollable laughters with tears
there will be a full night of binging without a care,
there will be pumpkin pies
and sleepy eyes
and above all there will be good times well shared!

this was a weekend dedicated to the girls
and as girls will be girls there was all of the above and so much more.
Thank God for good friends!


naushin said...

as one of them girls, let me just say amen to that!

Meghan said...

Oh I just love girls weekends!

Char said...

i love time with my girlies too!

i brake 4 dreams said...

i love your blog! thank you for a wonderful visit!

love + luck + bliss,
missysue xox

Sagar said...

Thanks for dropping by. :)

beth said...

oh how I love time with my girlfriends...I just wish it was more often !!

jack bespoke said...

love the artwork!


nikheel said...

Interesting blog too!!
Thanks for dropping in, keep blogging n visiting.

Abby said...

ah, the bond between girlfriends :)

Kristin said...

What a lovely sentiment! I'm about to have my own girls weekend next weekend. I can't wait!

MODsquad said...

Yes! And thank God for Chanel!

Christina said...

oh, how i wish i were closer. xo
love these prints.